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Paulo Nunes

…, and why you need to learn more about it.

Many data, but for what?

In summary, big data is the large structured or unstructured volume of data that inundates our world every day, every time, every moment. But it is not the mountain of raw data that is important. It is what organizations do with the data that matters. Big data analytic is used for insights that lead to better ways, making decisions to move the business to the next level.

Now we are going hands-on and understand how it works.

Data x Information x Knowledge x Intelligence

Imagine that a company has a table with the employees' information: salary, name, age, and role.

Or, How to draw a smile to yourself.

Sometimes we see our environment and think of ways to reduce the costs.

We firstly can analyze and apply these alternatives. It is easy and we can do in a few minutes:

1 — Change the disk: Ultra Disk Storage ($$$$), Premium SSD ($$$), Standard SSD ($$), and Standard HDD ($);

2 — Downsize the Virtual Machine;

3 — Reduce the number of instances (if you have over one).

Exist an alternative more. The fourth alternative is downsizing a disk. The process should be as easy as to upsize a disk, but…

Paulo Nunes

I am enthusiastic by Cloud and in-house computers, with a passion for BI and ML. • Azure Solutions Architect Expert, Microsoft Solution & BI Specialist.

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